At Disney World with no kids

What do you do when you’re in Disney World for business without your kids?

After you’re through scoffing at the people you are with for going out drinking while you didn’t who are now puking (still) at 10:30 in the morning…

Well first, you imagine your kids with you. Then you vow to take a trip here with them at the first opportunity.

Then, when in doubt, ride the Monorail!

Must learn to read again

I’ve determined that I just need to get it in my head to learn how to read better on the screen. I have a ton of books I bought in both PDF and in paper format and more often than not need to read the PDF version because that’s what I’ve got with me.

It’s just soooo hard for my brain.

Of course this makes no sense at all, I read hundreds of News items via my RSS reader every day. I read and answer hundreds of emails, write code, configure systems, write documentation, etc and all on my screen.


The 5 minute fix

Do you have a problem that takes 5 minutes to fix, but only causes 30 seconds of pain every day? Consider that it probably causes 5 minutes of pain every day in thinking, anticipating and reminding yourself to fix it.

It’s just 5 minutes to fix it.