Looks like my ride is here.

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A friend of mine just got to log some time in a Honda Jet. #pilotthuglife #girlsflythehondatoday

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My ledger came a month early

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How fun are pancake breakfasts at the airport? Jerry dancing fun. That’s how fun.


My breakfast company this morning is amazing

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When you drive an old truck sometimes you got to spend Wednesday night giving it a little love

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I did manage to get Proteus climbing out


It cracks me up that Jim Lovell is wearing the same weekly Airventure admission bracelet as Julie and me. Like someone is going to stop him at the gate for not paying or something.

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Theater in the woods tonight: Walt Cunningham, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, Dick Gordon, Fred Haise, Al Worden, Jack Schmitt, Joe Engle and flight director Gene Kranz. BOOM

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Waiting on the Apollo Astronauts, listening to a Q&A with the Blue Angels pilots. Good thing they put up a jumbo tron because this place is packed.

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