Today’s “learn something every day”: Been studying recursion implementations in modern languages like Python. Taking this back to 8 Bit machines…this is the first time I’ve ever studied implementing a manual push/pop stack pointer combined with memoization. Got a lot of uses to ponder for this. #commodore #VIC20 #python

This took me a while to figure out: All permutations of a naturally ordered string. In Python/Rust I’d use recursion, but on an 8-Bit you run out of space on the stack pretty quickly. Managed to come up with a working iterative version. Now I’ll redo it in Assembly ;-) #commodore

I’ve never cared for the 80 Column hacks for the Commodore 64, but I love the Mandelbrot PETSCII program on the PET 8032 so much I could not resist. On this weeks episode of “Stupid Races Between Old Computery Things” PET vs C64(80 columns) vs 128 (10x speed) #commodore

I acquired this white TI nspire today. It’s disqualified from being on my episodes of “Stupid Races between old computery things” because it’s not old and with an ARM9 @ 396 MHz is more like a baby Raspberry Pi than a calculator. Still will be fun though.