Oh it’s gonna be a good day…

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I am both fascinated and intimidated by this book

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That’s a lot of love right there. It goes on for a while.

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We’ve had two solos in our EAA Chapter this month. So awesome.

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Deliveries from @zenithaircraft are my favorite #myzenith750

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For a flight in a plane with no auto pilot my track was pretty straight. Could have done without the 25 knot headwind, but the freedom beats flying commercial any day.

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My co pilot is creepier than yours. #pilotthuglife

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Headed to DC for a @simply_home meeting with the VA. I brought my own autopilot who flew probably 80% of the trip

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Julie and I are at the Asheville symphony dragging down the age curve.

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I do love how easy the wings fold on this plane.