I’m trying to decide if I should fully embrace the chunky PESCII graphics or if I should spend time on a bitmap title screen. I think it’s safe to say that I wont be taking anyone’s graphics jobs away from them anytime soon. #commodore #c64

The graphics are still rudimentary and the landscape scroll isn’t quite as smooth as I want, but definitely making progress. Programming on vintage hardware(not cross assembled) is harder but more satisfying somehow. #commodore #c64

Figured out split screen scrolling on my own. After 90 days I’m ready to say that I’m graduating to intermediate level 6510/02 assembly programmer. It’s got the slightest glitch which I suspect will be worse on my PAL machine. Turbo Macro Pro lunchtime fun :) #commodore

Version 3 of my One Time Pad program on the Commodore is in progress. Used a tip from @8BitShowAndTell he helped me with for another project in this one and it’s working. The rest of v2 to v3 should be easy (famous last words) #commodore #c64

Super happy with this working now. I was REALY stuck last night.

Welp, it’s supposed to snow the next 15 hours, somewhere in the 5 inches range. I think I’ll watch TV. HAHAHAHA, right. My 6502 Breadboard computer needs to be moved to some PCBs. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to solder we go…

My “The64 mini” will be going into my airplane panel soon (I can’t bring myself to cannibalize one of my real machines) but for now it’s become the calculator on my desk. This 7 inch screen is also going into the plane. #commodore #c64