Designing composite video in FPGA for the 6560/1 VIC replacement project #vicsrevenge… this might be the most useful visualizer/synthesis tool I’ve ever seen. Load your Verilog and get a visual representation AND what amounts to a test bench setup. Brilliant! #FPGA #commodore

I need the 80 column mode on my 128 for a long number project this week. July is my scheduled maintenance month for this machine so I might as well do that first since I have it out. No retrobrighting happens in my shop. This thing earned it’s yellow ;-) #commodore

I needed some window tint for the overhead window in the airplane, and it’s just a bonus that it is just the thing you need on a KIM-1 (clone) to increase the visibility of the LED display. Before and after is pretty stark. #commodore #kim1

Pulled out the FabGL board. Apparently I was running Windows 3.0 last time. Seemed more fitting to turn it into a VIC-20. And what’s the first game on the list in the distribution? Splatform by @8BitShowAndTell… That guy sure gets around #commodore