I wonder if I can still score a free breakfast with this…

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A rare Zenith 801 sighting at KAVL today. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person.

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Yeah, we live here.

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Hey that spinny thing… well it isn’t…. #tigerbaron

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Designing Avionics components. What else would someone even do on a Friday night?

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Designing Avionics components. What else would someone even do on a Friday night?

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At the end of the training just for fun I took off from runway 4 at JFK and experienced a double bird strike climbing out. I made it back to runway 13 in a Baron. Take that Sully! #sullyisarealhero

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Ran out yesterday to check the tie-downs on the Skyhawk we took down here. No hangars available so I had to watch it try to fly a little while tied down.

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Back in the Baron simulator again. If classes were like this in grade school, maybe kids would pay attention.

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The seminar I’m at has my friend Deb in a little bit of a Wile E Coyote predicament

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Learning to fly a twin engine airplane on one engine makes for some strange flight paths on FlightAware #tigerbaron

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