Takes 2 hours to put up a free standing 3 hammock rig in a field but makes a pretty cool result. #airventure2018


It’s time. #airventure2018

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We set up base camp in record time. Even beat the rain. #airventure2018

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Current state of my life.

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Planning lunch with Caleb to go over his new business ideas. Pho and sailboat restoration much?

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I’m good at getting the interns when donating blood.

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Exactly 25 years ago I embarked on what seemed like a crazy adventure to a suburban kid from Chicago. I had absolutely no idea how it would build on the foundation my parents instilled in me and became core to who I am as an adult.

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On a new training program. Julie is strength training, Caleb is just starting Budo Taijutsu. I don’t want to be left behind in our family fitness quest.

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I pick three to five new Japanese words to learn every day at random (yes I wrote an app for it). Sometimes it makes for strange combinations…

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