Disney is way easier when your kids are adults.

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Saw this cool trick by Jon Croke of homebuilthelp. When working with large aluminum sheets by yourself, it’s easier to roll them up. Reassembling this wing after all the deburring and prepped work to rivet. Then done with this one. #myzenith750


I generally like metal work. Prep work is easier if you think “I get to” rather than “I have to”. #myzenith750


Everyone waits until November and it’s in the low 40s before they power wash the deck right?


Another evening, another couple hundred holes. #myzenith750

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Our mail carrier’s latest trick is to leave our stuff on a garbage can.

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Each spar has 101 holes to be drilled. Then again on the top. Then repeat for the other wing. Oh and since these are pilot holes that need to be expanded I’ll drill each of these holes 2 more times. 1212 holes drilled just for the wing spars. I fully understand the grin people have on their first flight. Gotta earn it. #soreshoulders #myzenith750


Doesn’t seem like proper Halloween weather here.

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One of the million things to do before the plane flies sometime next year is to come up with a flight test plan. It’s fairly daunting but turns out that EAA just released a guide book and flight test card set. Still seems super daunting but at least now I have an example framework to use. #myzenith750

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What? Like your plane doesn’t need a night light. Don’t judge. #myzenith750

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