Commodore PET 2001 #AdventOfCode Day 5 sorting crates and stacks.

Was fun, but if tomorrow is another bazillion string slicing exercise I may use a modern language. Is preprocessing the input fair game if I use a 1970s computer? Asking for a friend. I partied like it’s 1978 though. Took 19 minutes to complete 😉

I just realized part 1 says part 2 and so does part 2. It’ just a typo, I’m not running it again.

I spent WAAAY too long today figuring out #AdventOfCode Day 4 on the Commodore 64, but it works. Took me 10 minutes to write my solution in Julia this morning and 3 hours this evening to write it for the #commodore. Probably can’t spend that kinda time on work days, though. Fun!

Got a Coco1 from @K0FFY_Radio today including some other goodies. Doing the ol route the RF through a VCR trick to get that soothing toxic green screen. This is now in the running for the worst computer in my collection and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Been asked several times today if #AdventOfCode2022 is possible on vintage computers. The answer is “some of it”. Today’s was doable. Takes a minute to read 2200+ inputs from a floppy, but it worked. #commodore