Was only two weeks ago but seems like longer #myzenith750

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There’s actually more room in the garage with the Jeep (which needs some TLC) and lawn mower (and wing) than there was when the fuselage was in there.

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With the fuselage at the hangar it’s now weeknight wings work at home. #myzenith750

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6 planes came over and 30 or more people including several new/curious at our EAA cookout.

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Nosewheel. Almost. Sigh. #myzenith750

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Nosewheel and strut are done. Painted the strut a metallic black for now. It’ll go on the plane Tuesday when I swing by the hangar. #myzenith750

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Today in adventures in keto lunches… Strawberry post workout shake

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On my bucket list is to fly an airplane I built myself to AirVenture in Oshkosh. If 2019 is the year for this, the clock is ticking. #myzenith750 #eaa #osh19

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Didn’t even over engineer the hole template for this. I have a CMC and could have made a jig but this was faster #myzenith750

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I died by Zombie. #betrayal

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