I have a cat that is bigger than my co pilot today. #tigerbaron

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Logging some Cirrus time today. #nottigerbaron

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We lived just a few miles from here for a decade and I’ve never been to this airport before. #tigerbaron

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Caleb left the airport and took a job making wine at Biltmore to put himself through school. He brings home wine almost every day. Can you tell this week was Merlot?

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Apparently I have a roll of about 1000 of these left.

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Second star to the right, straight on till morning #tigerbaron

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Rain or shine #tigerbaron

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Apparently Douglas Adams wrote fortune cookie fortunes.

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44 degrees INSIDE the hangar but the plane isn’t going to build itself. Suck it up buttercup. #myzenith750

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Took too long of a break from the airplane build. Back to work! #myzenith750

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