Since we seem to be on an early 80s book kick, my favorite from this time period is “Once Upon Atari”. Fascinating story and better writing than most small run books, most which could REALLY use an editors red pen.

Installing the elevator pulleys this morning. It’s a measure twice cut once kinda deal. Really not something I want to have misaligned. It was more like a measure 2^8 and cut once kinda deal. The other one is inside and upside down and required some gymnastics on my part.

On the left is a flawed but decent product I’ve used every day for three years. On the right is the worst product “upgrade” I’ve ever purchased. I can’t believe how they made it so dramatically worse in every way.

Ported the Maze code to the CERBERUS 2080. Just like the Commodore Assembly version the maze is created instantly and the ball is too fast to see. Have to waste some cycles for the final article on this so we can see it. No SID here, so had to do an LFSR for random numbers ;-)