What? Like your plane doesn’t need a night light. Don’t judge. #myzenith750

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The most commonly asked question from experienced builders is how well the “match drilled holes” work out. The answer is “pretty good” with the exception of the skins. I had to deal with this on the fuselage in many areas and now the wing skins. #myzenith750

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I’m like a commercial for the ball jar company. This is not an unusual number of homemade things in the works at any given time for me. Any guesses?

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It’s a rough life.

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Business meeting in Gatlinburg today. Always fun to be able to fly myself for work

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Passenger side bottom wing skin day. #myzenith750

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And flip. #myzenith750


Found out it’s extremely difficult to photograph a heads up display but I took a shot. Kinda see though. One of my side projects :)

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Started using Strides (app) to encourage new habits. My Sept report for 30 mins of moderate to vigorous exercise isn’t too shabby. There are 12 other habits I’m working on with similar success. Sept was a good month.

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Time for the first two burns of the fall.