I’m doing a mostly self designed custom instrument panel in my plane. The very first component arrived today. AHRS number 1 #myzenith750

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Ahhh, the warm glow of row after row of passive income

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Spent a few minutes during our lunch scoping out a possible place to build a hangar

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Ahh the soothing C64 blue on blue. On my PocketChip. Awesome.

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Cancelled a lunch flight to Columbia SC at a famous BBQ place. Pfft, I don’t even see any red storms. Whatever weather dude.

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This just throw it in the basement and we will sort it out later policy might have gotten a little out of hand #atleastitscooldownhere

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Pretty good for a Tuesday considering I worked all day

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Build a new garden bed after dinner… sure I can do that

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Some of the aircraft maneuvering at today’s event felt a lot like my time on aircraft carrier flight decks


Landing was even shorter. Sheesh