I promise I did not run into any docks right after this. #toosmoothforthat

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“That thing sounds like an angry food processor…” #pilotthuglife


EAA meeting always includes airplanes

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That 2×4 isn’t just blocking my view. It’s a project I forgot to finish and now it’s mocking me. But there’s beer so…

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Realized this afternoon that I’ve never made Coquilles St-Jacques. Since it’s a special occasion (Thursday) I took a crack at it.

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Finally found a solution to have both English and Japanese keyboard layouts on my laptop.

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It’s not even pouring rain up here. Yet.

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Our annual July 4th hike doesn’t include fireworks or… horses. But thunderstorms when the car is a couple miles down a trail…

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My Grandmother collected elephants. Every time we’re in a shop Julie has to go look at them

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An epic battle begins

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