When we moved to the mountains 6 years ago we dreamed of no commute, quiet evenings with a book on the covered porch together, tea or bourbon and a view of nature. Do yourself a favor and jump off a cliff. It’s worth it.

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Pretty girl in an airplane. Life is good.

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I want to do the Zenith logo on my instrument panel (and a couple other places) in aluminum. Test run on hdpe turned out great. #myzenith750 #zenithaircraft #homebuiltaircraft


Hopped over to Greenville for lunch in the Skylane.

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Flying Young eagles again today. Jeff has a plane full of female Civil Air Patrol cadets.

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The Test carve they include was boring so I changed it to something a little more up my alley.


It’s alive. Woot. #inventables


These guys have a new definition of “some assembly required”. This is like step 420… and that’s coming from someone building an airplane. #inventables

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Tonight I’m giving a seminar called “So, you want to build an airplane?”. 7pm at 21 Aviation Way at the Asheville Airport. All of the cool kids are coming.

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I’ve always considered myself a dog person. I like cats, but somewhat indifferent. Valentine has decided that I’m her person. She follows me around and is almost frantic to get into my lap sometimes. It’s easier on my ego if I think of her as a stealthy murder machine rather than a fluffy lap cat.

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