Hmm, what next

I finished the SHA-256 project so much faster than I thought that I’m now sitting here wondering what to tackle next. It’s a strange problem to have.

Some things I’m excited about right now:

  • Learning FPGAs
  • Warmer weather so I can get back to building my Zenith
  • Helping people make better personal security decisions
  • My Ultimate 64 has been shipped (It’s on a slow boat from Europe)
  • Maybe getting into working on the Mega65? I dunno, I’m on the fence about that
  • Section hiking the Appalachian Trail again
  • Designing avionics?
  • Moving ALL of my important work off of proprietary formats. ALL. OF. IT. (I’m looking at you Evernote)

It’s working which is incredible

My original goal was to have this working at all by March 31. When I started, it seemed daunting enough that I gave myself more than 6 weeks to get it done. It took 6 days.

At my lunchbreak I had it working as a script

And after work I refined it to take user input.

My goal here was to learn it, not make a downloadable program for actual use. Something like CRC or MD5 works much better on a 6510 processor, this it much to slow to be useful.

10 minute before work progress: SHA256 project is creating results, but they are incorrect. Now for the bug hunt on 800 lines of Assembly in Turbo Macro Pro where you can only view 20 lines at a time ;-) Feels close. WAY closer than I thought I’d be in a week. #commodore #C64

10 minute lunchtime progress: break from the SHA256 thing, the math is hurting my brain. Adding a “flour bomb” level to the game and I need some “exploding” bags of flour. Don’t be intimidated by my artistic prowess. I have several minutes of art training. #commodore #c64