Well that’s an interesting camping location. By looking at our flyover altitude I’d say that tent is at 6000 feet.

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I’ll take bumps climbing over the mountains to keeping my feet on the ground any day. #pilotproblems

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Freezing garage/shop doesn’t stop me from drilling cockpit floor holes. #myzenith750

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Been on a spy novel kick lately. Rainy day kitchen shenanigans.

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She has wings! Makes me really look forward to getting to this point with my Zenith. Only took 5 people to get them on.

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Putting wings on an RV-8. What else would we be doing? #pilotthuglife

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Coughlin’s Law

Julie and I have a funny connection to the movie Cocktail. In it, one of the main characters always has what he calls “Coughlin’s Law”.

Things like “anything else is always something better” and “never show surprise, never lose your cool.”

If I had to come up with one for myself I’d go with “Many things can be accomplished with duct tape, WD-40, and a sledge hammer”.

My grandfather would have added “and a couple of half hitches.”


Someone was giving away an older PFD by Grand Rapids. It powers on (after I found a pinout diagram) and seems to be working. Will make a good test platform or secondary instrument system.

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Back to plane building #myzenith750

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How’s this for an eBay find? My 209 patch is on my very very old flight jacket and I was hoping to find one. Boom.

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