8 Bit processors can count to 18 Quintillion just fine. “Wheat and chessboard problem” in 6502/10 Assembly for my “learn something every day” task. #commodore

Finally a reason to use 80 Column mode on a Commodore 128

And as expected the VIC 20 is WAY faster, but I’ll have to think about formatting a little to make it more readable. #commodore #vic20
And we definitely can’t leave out the PET 8032 #commodore #PET

I tell myself I have some lofty career aspirations to justify my deep dive into learning to code FPGAs this year. But I know deep down it’s so I can try making drop in replacements for things like this, which I found in my stash. It tests good in my only NTSC VIC 20 #commodore

I own a couple dozen calculators. I checked and only two of them can multiply two 32-bit numbers and give me the full 64-bit product. The@NumWorks and TI Inspire. Oh, and a Commodore 64 if you can code in Assembly;-) #commodore

Finally got around to doing the S-Video Mod on my Vicky-20. The results are pretty good. Probably about as good as you can get from a VIC-20 of any kind, so certainly nothing to complain about there. #commodore


Had some fun last night playing with SYS parameters and learning a lot. Here’s extending BASIC to implement a PRINT AT equivalent on Commodore 64/VIC-20 to do the 100 Door problem. Again ;-)

My article is here: https://imapenguin.com/yet-another-100/

Picked up a set of gymnastics rings to add to my workout setup at home. I do enjoy these “users instruction enjoyment and importance” lost in translation comic books they included. These tapes are kindly prepared…