What’s your favorite fiction book?

Every year, for … well, I can’t even remember, let’s call it more than a decade, I’ve read “Cryptonomicon”. There’s something about late November and December that makes me come back to it.

I first picked it up in 1999 and tore through it. It’s long, and… what’s the word? Not tedious. Pedantic maybe? Stephenson has a way of taking what should be a 2 sentence description and turning it into 5 pages. While I’d get angry at most authors for doing this, somehow, it really works in this book. Pedantic? Maybe. Brilliant? Definitely.

The other one I read often is “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” This time of year, when we get to the entirely made-up “end of the year, let’s reflect” time, it helps me set up the mindset I’m looking for to focus on for the year ahead.

What are your favorite fiction books, and why?

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