A new moleskin

I LOVE blank pages
I LOVE blank pages

My note taking is usually done old school with a modern twist. I use a medium sized moleskin to take notes and then scan the pages into Evernote.

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few of them. Sometimes they last a few months before filling up. Sometimes they take longer.

My current notebook was started in mid 2013 and is only halfway used. It is a very low number of notes for me and this lack of note taking is also reflected in a real creative low in my professional life.  No podcasting. Not presenting very much. Not really working on anything interesting at all (professionally, I did get a pilot’s license this year)

I’m comfortable. And that’s really really bad.

I’m making some major changes. Maybe it sounds silly but at the same time I’m archiving this current notebook. I’m starting a new professional chapter and it makes sense that symbolically I carry new notebook that doesn’t have the pages in it from this bleh professional time.

So a new chapter and a celebration of blank pages.

Happy Monday

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