Some thoughts on Dollhouse

There is a new series on Fox called Dollhouse which I’ve been watching(at least the first two episodes).
An organization keeps programmable humans that you can have customized for any purpose and “rent” for a large fee for whatever you want.
The idea is pretty interesting.  As with most Sci Fi shows, the audience is expected to be largely male, so the main character, Echo, played by Eliza Dushku is overtly sexual.   Once the boobie fixation dies down, the premise of the show is potentially pretty interesting.  Each show has the opportunity to tell a completely different story, and then there is a long term tie in where the programmable people will almost certainly start remembering things.

The show has promise, and tying it to the timeslot after The Sarah Connor Cronicles may help it to survive. Since the audience that watches SCC at least likes the genre Dollhouse occupies.

Eliza is really going to have to work on her acting skills.  She is very girly, but in a part that requires her character to be both tough and sexual, her performance in the first two episodes comes off as a little immature.  This past week she played an outdoorsy type who gets hunted by the man who “rented” her.  Watching her run though heavy terrain in combat boots while flailing her arms awkwardly like a little girl actually made me laugh out loud.

This is painfully obvious partially since it follows Summer Glau’s performance as Cameron just minutes before Dollhouse is on.  Summer has this character nailed in most episodes, in no small part because it’s very similar to the character she played on Firefly: River Tam.  She appears distant, like a Ghost in a Machine, but still present somehow.

With Battlestar Galactica wrapping up, I’ll need to find my SciFi fix somewhere.  I’m not convinced with Dollhouse yet.

One thought on “Some thoughts on Dollhouse

  1. I’m in the same quandary. The writing on Dollhouse has not been up to typical Joss Wheadon standards so far. Then again, the first year of Buffy was fairly cheesy – it took a while for him to get that show dialed in. Maybe the same will be true of Dollhouse.
    There is always 24, which is so unrealistic that it might as well be Sci-Fi.
    For now, I’m catching up on Dr Who via DVD as I never watched consistently enough to follow the story until this year.


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