Twitter Updates for 2009-02-20

  • Retweet @motionblur: Google Chrome for Mac is on its way. Here’s the first screenshot: #
  • 10 ways Microsoft’s Retail stores will differ from Apple stores. I like #3 and #5 best: #
  • Anyone have any thoughts on the costco executive membership vs the gold star? #
  • Retweet @Veronica: New blog post: The Trilogy Meter #
  • Deleting a bunch of stuff from Facebook. Their new Terms of Service suck and I’m not playing along. #
  • I’m loving TweetDeck. It’s replaced twitteriffic. I wish there was something like this for iPhone or blackberry. #
  • just reading that the Palm WebOS is going to support XMPP out of the box. This is huge for multiplayer games. #
  • The 100 requests per hour limit business on twitter is irritating me at the moment. #
  • Checking out Virb: #
  • Retweet @nealcampbell: ScreenFlow 1.5 looks pretty awesome: #
  • Retweet @OnOrbit: Oil Prospecting From Space #
  • looking for a breakthrough #
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