So long Comcast, can’t say we’ll miss you

We canceled the last of our Comcast services this afternoon at my home.  Our Verizon FIOS is so good I tell everyone about it, so we switched to their TV service as well.  Here’s the conversation as I cancelled the service:
Comcast Rep: Good afternoon, how can I help you today?

Me: I’d like to cancel my TV service.

Comcast Rep: Can I ask why?

Me: I’m switching to a competitor.

Comcast Rep: <hahahaha> So you can get less service for more money and a yearly contract?

(yes, she laughed out loud and notice I didn’t mention who I was switching to, but she knew didn’t she?)

Me: Actually, it’s 1/2 the cost, they have the same channel line up almost line for line with some additions my kids are interested in that you don’t offer.  Oh, and up to 3 DVR’s are free for 12 months.

Comcast Rep: Well what if I work something out so your service is cheaper?

Me: Maybe you should have done that BEFORE I had the other guy installed.

Comcast Rep: <clicks away at her keyboard> Well, I can get you Internet/Phone/TV for what you are paying now.

Me: That’s still more expensive than what I’ve got.

Comcast Rep: <hahaha>Well, that Verizon internet isn’t nearly as good as ours.

(yep, there’s that laugh again, and I still haven’t told her it’s FIOS TV)

Me: I’ve been a  customer with this competitor for 15 months, it’s so good I tell my friends about it.  Does laughing at people calling to cancel ever work?

Comcast Rep (ignoring my question): Well, I had FIOS at MY house and it wasn’t very good at all.

(I could have ripped into her for getting FIOS as an employee of Comcast, but clearly she was full of crap, so I didn’t go there)

Me: There’s nothing you can do at this point to keep me.  I’d rather listen to AM radio than keep paying Comcast after this call.

She then proceeded to cancel my account.


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