This is how I work

I carry in my pockets: 

  • Fisher Space Pen (Small, doesn’t leak) 
  • Field Notes Waterproof notebook
  • Pocketknife

Occasionally I carry: 

  • Leatherman
  • Flashlight

My main desktop is a self built machine with 8TB of Encrypted storage apace. My laptop is a 13″ MacBook Air. 

I switched back to Firefox after a few years of working in Chrome and just recienctly abandoned Gmail in favor of Thunderbird so I can use PGP (GPG actually) more easily as part of my normal email process.

My text editor is Sublime 2 and occasionally VIM, depending on my mood or what I’m currently working on. 

I switch back and forth quite a bit on Todo managers, but more often than not, I’m on Gina Tripani’s very nerdy Todo.txt and the accompanying Android app.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I have the new Nexus 7 tablet (LOVE them both). 

I can’t live without Evernote. Everything goes in there. I am a little concerned about all of my personal notes being on a cloud service with all of the NSA garbage that’s going on lately and am on the prowl for a replacement (or a solution to my worries from Evernote). For now, it’s more useful than the risk I’m taking in using it,


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