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May 29, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit, Washington DC –

This prize could be bigger than Lindbergh, except for the part where you’re thinking about it the wrong way” – No holds barred talk about the good, the bad, and the huge potential of the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

March 9-13: SXSW, Austin TX – 

How to Win Friends and Influence Space Exploration” –  Not unlike a zombie horde ready to devour red tape and uninspired project managers, this enthusiastic movement sees brains as valuable assets to take over the world. Learn why these people got so passionately involved in space, how they became good friends over the Internet, and what they’ve created to make measurable change toward a more awesome tomorrow. While established membership organizations struggle to survive, these Internet-enabled groups are flourishing with new members from far outside traditional demographic lines that are creating large-scale activities. If you don’t already know a space tweep, learn why you will.

Feb 15-18, 2012: TUG Connects, San Antonio TX

“20 Apps to boost your productivity”

“Identifying Emerging Trends in Technology”

December 14, 2012: Capital Grille, Orlando FL – 

“Is your IPS just a guard shack?”

May 21-22, 2011: International Space Development Conference, Huntsville AL –

I’m moderating a panel of Google Lunar X PRIZE Team leaders to bring excitement about the prize to the more traditional space industry players.

Part 1 of my “Inspiring Kids By Thinking Big In Space

March 27-29 2011: TugU2U, Orlando FL –

“Cloud Computing Roundtable”:  Discuss the issues with Cloud Computing.  What’s real and what’s hype?  What methodologies and technologies can you use to better serve your customers and make an impact on your bottom line?

“If I was your competitor, this is what I’d be doing to beat you:” It’s 2011 and the world is changing faster than the history books can be written.  Trends like the widespread broadband internet, citizen publishing, mobile computing, and direct access to suppliers can either make you the best in the world, or make your distribution business obsolete in just a few years. Learn how to stay ahead of the accelerating trends, how to spot them, and how to apply them to your business.

“20 apps for your productivity:” Your personal productivity is tied to your work productivity.  Be a more productive person, manage your creativity and be a star employee with these 20 innovative apps.

“Hey you, where are you going with those credit cards?” Even the US Military is having trouble keeping their data safe.  Just how DO you keep your company data off of places like Wikileaks? Even worse, what about the information your customers give you? We’ll take a pragmatic look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Digital Leak Prevention(DLP).

August 27-28 2010: SpaceUp DC, Washington DC – Grand Poobah of SpaceUp

April 23 2010: TugU2U, Colorado Springs CO – “10 Web apps you should be using but aren’t” – You live in a world where your business, family, and personal life expects you to be available 24/7.  How do you navigate this?

April 22 2010: TugU2U, Colorado Springs CO – “7 Google apps you need to be using” – This talk is disguised behind a benign title, we really explore how you can turn what you think is your boring business into the leader in your space.  By thinking about the world like Google does, you can create the future for yourself and your company that you want to see before someone else does. Inspire your kids and turn your industry on it’s head.

Feb 27 2010: SpaceUP, San Diego CA – “Building a space services sector

Feb 18 2010: Igntite DC, Washington DC“Inspiring Kids by Thinking Big in Space” (Video here)


May 22,  “You can’t separate form from function, even if you’re an engineer.”


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