Just brushing up for Trivia Games on the ages of Presidents

I’m kinda a nerd (just a tiny bit). While I was on my daily hike through the hills of Western North Carolina I got to thinking about the ages of Presidents. It kinda springboarded off of last weeks rabbit hole of the birth order of presidents. Spoiler Alert, more than half were middle children.

Here’s my completely random and 100% non political set of facts about the age of Presidents (of the United States of America).

Donald Trump is the oldest first term president. He was roughly 7 months older than Ronald Reagan was on his first day in office.

If elected Joe Biden would be older on his first day in office than Ronald Reagan was on his last day in office.

The longest lived President, Jimmy Carter, is also the oldest living President. He will be 96 in October. He is also the President who has had the longest post Presidency at more than 39 years. He is currently 36 years older than the current youngest living president, Barack Obama, who is now 58.

The youngest President to assume office via election was John F Kennedy, who was just shy of 44. He was also tragically the youngest to depart the office. He was 46 in November of 1963.

The youngest President was Theodore Roosevelt who assumed office when William McKinley was assassinated. He was 42. He was also the youngest to leave the office in a “normal transition” at 50.

Six presidents lived into their 90s post presidency. Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, John Adams, and Herbert Hoover.

Franklin D. Roosevelt spent the most number of days in office at 4422, and William Henry Harrison the least at 31 days.

There, now you have at least a few answers all teed up for your next trivia game.

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