Detecting spins in small aircraft

Here are three spins. The first I intentionally recovered poorly. The other two were more “textbook” recoveries.

Spin Graph
This is just the graph of the slip/skid sensors.
Interesting that there is a clear pattern and threshold.
The goal here is to detect and give enough warning to a pilot to avoid and intervene on an impending unintentional spin entry.

One thought on “Detecting spins in small aircraft

  1. The traditional training spin is not what kills people…
    Next time you want to do spins go up and set up a fake landing pattern at altitude…
    Then get slow and do the base to final turn with some skid…. cross the controls and keep pulling back til it departs controlled flight… be high and be prepared as it will snap to inverted so fast you won’t know what happened….

    I think the correct solution to this is an AOA indicator….
    and NEVER NEVER NEVER be uncoordinated in the pattern….



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