Digging out after vacation is wrong

“I just got back from vacation, I need a little time to dig out of the hole I’m in now” <– I really hate this phrase.

Is it really vacation if your return to work means twice as much work for the same amount of time you were gone?

A sound strategy would include proper delegation and trust in your fellow employees. Then lean on your mindfulness practice when you feel like everyone is pouncing on you the first morning. Be well rested and mentally prepared to just make some lists. Just write things down. That’s your job the first morning.

Then resisting the temptation to work twice the hours to “catch up”. Most of this work in the product development or sysadmin worlds is just a need for feedback and a request for your expertise. It’s a sign that your unique gifts are valuable. But remember when everyone is trowing stuff over the fence at you to put a note on it with your feedback and toss it right back.

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