Measuring chip piles with Unmanned Vehicles

A local paper mill has three large piles of wood chips that get replenished by 20 to 30 trucks every day. They have a requirement that these piles get measured monthly. This task is typically done by two surveyors, one of whom has to actually climb to the top of these piles which is a little bit like trying to walk through waist deep snow. It takes the better part of two days.

Using our 3D Robotics Solo platform we were able to gather the data to measure these piles in about 20 minutes. 

The next step to compare the data gathered from the aerial platform with the surveyors data. As the computers finish crunching all of the high resolution data we will know how accurate the solution is. If it works reasonably well there is a good case for the paper mill to start using it regularly since it’s somewhere in the vicinity of $1000 per day cheaper.

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