What Apple doesn’t yet get about smart watches

I’m on my second smart watch. A few months ago I traded my trusty Pebble for a Samsung Gear Live

Sean Riley of Android and Me sums up the smart watch question “what do I need this thing for?” pretty nicely:


I think that this and a few other aspects of the watch may point to a fundamental misunderstanding of how people will want to use a smartwatch. Apple shows you navigating through dozens of apps or hundreds of photos by zooming in and out with the crown and then panning around the screen with touch. This all seems like far more than I want to be dealing with on my watch. If you’ve moved past the 10-15 second mark in any activity with your watch, I feel like you should have just pulled out your smartphone instead.

Watches are a quick information device. Tell me a quick thing in a second or two. When I was watching the Apple Keynote on Tuesday I chuckled a little at the demonstration of using your watch for directions. Why would I use a tiny screen to do something that the other device I’m always carrying, a 5 inch phone, can do much better? 

I’m not convinced that this product category is necessary. It feels like a solution in search of a problem, but I know that it can’t just be a smaller version of what your phone already does.

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