Simple advice to you young people

I try not to be the guy who says

Kids these days…

I just wanted to pass on some simple advice…

You WILL want pictures of yourself doing things when you’re young.  I know it’s a pain that Mom wants to pose you, or when you’re with your friends it’s embarrassing to ask them to take a picture of you.

I would give A LOT OF MONEY to have more pictures of the experiences and friends I had in the years between 13 and 25 years old.  For some reason I thought I was much too cool for that.

Do kids still say “too cool”?  Anyway…

I was in Russia for 2 weeks (I was in High School, and without our parents).  I took 10 rolls of film (it was 1992, cut me some slack).  36 exposures on each roll.

Do you know what I have from that trip? 358 pictures of Russia WITHOUT ME IN THE PICTURE.

I spent 6 years in the Navy.  I had experiences you get once in your life IF YOU ARE LUCKY.

I have maybe 10 pictures of me in the Navy.


Don’t be me.  Take pictures.

You don’t have to put them on Facebook. Just take them so you have them one day.

Don’t be like I was -> STUPID.


One thought on “Simple advice to you young people

  1. Like you, I remember going aboard for 2 weeks with a school group and thought I’ll remember the experience, who needs pictures? I was Wrong! I was 13, and now 50 it would be great to see pictures as that was such an important Summer.


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