The problem with Netflix streaming

I’ve been a Netflix customer for 12 years, and I STILL have the DVD service in addition to the streaming.  Streaming is a great idea, but the movies people want to watch still aren’t available.
Netflix runs a top 100 list of their most popular titles.  On that list today, 5 of the movies are available to watch online.


You don’t get to one until number 39


It’s not really the fault of Netflix.  The owners of the content want to keep making money from you by getting you to buy DVDs.

I still have the DVD service because the movies I want to watch, and from the top 100 list, the movies pretty much everyone else want to watch are only available on DVD.

One thought on “The problem with Netflix streaming

  1. This is an interesting indicator, but you might be confusing popularity with demand. You are definitely confusing what viewers want with what benefits Netflix.
    How much of what gets viewed on Netflix is represented by a top-100 list? I’d wager it’s less than one percent of their total, DVDs and instant combined. In other words, the long tail is loooooong, and that’s what Netflix streaming is good at giving you. (Or good enough.)
    I watch Firefly on Netflix because it’s easier than finding the DVD on my shelf. That’s an insane level of convenience. There are tons of things I’ll try on Netflix because I can start the show, watch it for a few minutes, and switch to something else without even the tiniest hassle.
    Viewers want that same convenience for absolutely anything they want to watch, but Netflix only needs to give them enough to justify the $10/mo (or whatever) they’re paying for the service. Does Netflix streaming deliver that? Yep. Do they overdeliver? Yep. Do they care that you stop by a Red Box for something on that top-100 list? Nope, because then they know it’s not worth their money to pursue it for streaming. Will they still give you the opportunity to get it the slow-by-mail way? Yep. For now.


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