It’s the little things

We use a Keurig at the office. I’ve resisted getting one at home because I have a hard time with the massive amount of waste for a single cup of hot beverage.
Cameron at our office volunteered to collect, take home, separate the tops from the cups, remove the coffee and put it in her garden, and recycle the tops and cups separately.  Just how much of a difference does it make in a 10 person office?

She had this to report from the first few weeks of doing this:

 In one month’s time, we’ve kept close to 300 K cups and 50 cream cups out of the landfill–in a year, that will be enough plastic to fill 2 large rolling trash cans.  Not to mention composting close to 30 gallons of coffee/tea waste.

The lesson here is simple but powerful…. if you see something that needs to be done, do it.

Cameron is my hero today.

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