The value of a hand made thing

I got a package from my Mom today.  In it was this knit hat and the following note:

Like her mother and grandmother before her, she’s been knitting things for us.  In a world where you can buy a knit hat like this for a dollar, I cannot stress the significance of a hand made item.  Think for a second about wearing something that your mother touched every inch of.  Stitched every stitch. My Mother MADE the thing that’s keeping my head warm.  Because she made it, I have a connection with her through my hat, and there’s absolutely nothing silly about that.

Behind my parents couch is a basket.  In it is two knit blankets.  One made by my Mother’s mother, and one made by her Grandmother.  Both of those women were simple people, but a small peice of their work lives on in something they made by hand 30 years ago.

I’m the oldest of my parents children.  I’m the only one that remembers my great grandmother.  My daughter is the oldest of all of my parents Grandchildren, and only she remembers my grandmother. My Brother, Sister, Son, and 3 Nephews stay warm in the winter in my parents house through the work of two women in the 1970’s that they never knew.

The next time you think about buying something you can make, make it instead.

A hat you buy at WalMart for a dollar is a commodity.  A hat you make for someone is an investment in your legacy, and a priceless gift.

Thanks Mom

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  1. I still have the hats my Grandmother knitted for me. A cherished moment was seeing my 10 year old’s nose wrinkle at the ‘uncoolness’ when I pulled one down over his ears…then unwrinkle when I told him ‘Gamboo made this for me when I was your age’, then seeing him run outside yelling ‘Hey guys! Look at my hat…’ He gets it.


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