The most important question you need to ask yourself: why not?

I’m already planning SpaceUp DC 2.0, but in case you missed how rediculous I’m willing to look in the name of Space Exploration:

(Photo credit: Chris Radcliff)

Haley Stephenson did a terrific writeup of her experience at SpaceUp DC here. I have two favorite quotes from it:

An important aspect of the unconference was the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the things that interested us in space in the first place. We fiddled with pipe cleaners (out of which one person constructed the space-time continuum), built spaceships and rovers out of Legos (our “green” ship was powered by Lego conifers), conducted a MoonPie eating contest (beware the banana flavor), and held what is probably the first Tribble war ever (they’re not as soft as they look). If this all seems quite silly, then take a moment to think on what sparked your interest in space and what fuels it now. When did you realize that space is cool?

and my favorite (and not just because that’s my son she’s talking about there):

While getting to Mars, global cooperation in space, or pushing the boundaries of space technology all come with technical, political, and budgetary challenges, space exploration is fueled by the imagination and enthusiasm of both fifty-year-old engineers and eleven-year-old kids like Caleb Doornbos, whose disarming intelligence and freedom from limitations made us all walk away asking, “Why not?” Why not inspire the next generation about space? Why not go to Mars and back in 80 days or less? Why not launch your own satellite? Why not?

I started Evadot one night after being frustrated with how boring NASA TV was that night.

I started SpaceUpDC when Chris Radcliff asked if it was something I thought was worth doing and if it was something I might want to do.

Both times I asked myself: why not me?

This morning, I had a delightful conversation about education 21st century style with Nancy Conrad.  Widow to the 3rd person to ever walk on the moon! Nancy really is a visionary in education. I can’t think of a better way to spend a friday morning.

Tomorrow, I leave for Isle of Man, to meet some of the people who will be in my upcoming book titled “A New Kind of Hero”.

It all started with asking myself: why not?

You know that thing you’ve been telling yourself needs to be done?  You know the one.  It’s time to ask yourself why not.

There is only this moment and the next one.  What are you going to do with it?

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