The problem with open blogs

There’s an interesting trend lately.  There has been a surge in new wide open groups where the barrier to join is basically that you want to join the group.  Then anyone in the group is given access to post whatever they want on the group’s blog.
While the trust of individuals is a cool in a Utopian kinda way, two big problems emerge for me:

  • There is no overarching guidance on the group’s message.  In fact just the opposite is the case, the group’s message is often completely buried somewhere
  • Some people really can’t write and shouldn’t be allowed to be the voice for a large group

In a world where there are billions of voices all shouting at the same time, we need to work on focusing our messages into more succinct ideas that stand out.

I’m not sure what the solution of this problem is, but the problem is shouting very loudly at us and we’ve become very good at not listening.

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