We like to move

My wife and I are creative people.  We’re creatively different  (you might say opposite) but often known as people with the ideas.  I didn’t say “all the good ideas”, just “ideas”.
We like to change.

Your brain is wired to recognize patterns. It’s very very good at it. The lazy thing for your brain to do is to recognize patterns it knows. Reinforcing those patterns.  Staying stationary, both mentally and physically is not good for creativity.

When you have new experiences, your brain creates new patterns and reconnects and rewires old ones. This is why you often have “ah ha” moments if you leave your home or office to go for a walk while pondering something. Your brain is seeing new things and it is in the mode to make new connections. If you bring your thought with you on your walk you bring it into this rewiring process.

We like to move. We like to meet new friends. We like to go to new places and try new things. We do it because we love being creative and keeping our minds in that new connections state.

This is often problematic for the relationships with our friends.  Our desire to always be on the move creates a significant barrier to long term friendships.  Lately, we’ve managed to reconnect with some old friends via the internet that we lost touch with because of our movement.  The Internet is great for that, but it’s not quite the same as being reunited in person.

We’ve been in the same area now since 2002.  This is a very long time for us.  We did move across town in 2006, but it really didn’t satisfy that need to move.

We’ve decided to spend the summer exploring what’s next for us.  I’m not certain that a move is in store this year, but I do know that we are both making major changes.  Long term it might mean staying here and just traveling a significant part of the year, or it may mean picking up and moving.

Whatever happens, I do know that this summer will be a great time to explore new things and I’m really looking forward to what we might uncover.

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  1. My father-in-law was exploring a part of his yard he has never explored before (he has a big yard) and uncovered a Copperhead. That's not a metaphor. The stationary-ness of my post-Here Today lifestyle and the consequences of bad decisions financially I've made weighs heavily on me.I'm excited for whatever is ahead of you (and me for that matter).


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