It’s time to make the robots

I’m building a small robot this week.  We’re calling him Evadotbot (Caleb came up with that).

He’s pretty simple, a two motor gearbox will control 2 wheels, the 3rd being a caster wheel so he can spin in a circle.  He’s controlled by a simple motor controller chip and powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries.

His “brain” is an Ardunino Duemilanove which has a whopping 32k of memory.  If you’re not a computer geek, think about that Commodore 64 you could get in 1981 and divide it’s RAM in half. Or, go to the  It’s shown here in it’s “skull”, aka an Altoids mint box.

To top it off, he has an infrared range sensor for “eyes” and an Xbee radio so he can send data back to me and eventually communicate with his peers.

More pictures to follow as he gets assembled.

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