I’m not good enough is not good enough

I’m hearing this stuff WAY too much lately:

  • I’m not smart enough for that
  • I’m not ready for that yet
  • I want to but this is outside of my area of my expertise
  • I want to, but I can’t because of my job
  • When I get this degree/certification then I’ll be ready for that dream (this one is my biggest pet peeve)

These phrases are tiring to me.

If they start coming out of your mouth, just stop.

  • You’re good enough. Really.
  • You’re more than smart enough (turn off the damn TV you’ll be 50% smarter in 10 mins)
  • Your job isn’t working, find another one.  Not some day. Today.
  • Your degree isn’t your ticket to success

The time to do that thing is now.

Get off of your ass and go do it.

4 thoughts on “I’m not good enough is not good enough

  1. You’ve told me all these things before, and they are incredibly effective.
    1. I don’t have TV anymore (though I still rent movies).
    2. I’m currently in search of a new job which is exciting if stressful at times.
    3. My degree is in Geology, and while I do LOVE (like really love) plate tectonics, I’m not real interested in a job in it. I like managing people too much.
    Keep knocking people off the pity horse


  2. I got my fancy degree, and I don’t regret it, but I’m still working here. The problem isn’t that I don’t think I’m good enough, it’s that I’m not sure where else to go!


  3. Here, here. There is always a reason not to do something. And when that thing, whatever it is, seems impossible–just do something, anything to keep moving toward the goal. Baby steps add up. Action > Inaction. Was it Dr. Johnson who said that you have a better chance of eventually going East if you start out by going West than if you never start out at all.


  4. Love it. And I agree with Jay. moving, finding a direction, even a short term goal, is really key. Even if it means you take one tiny goal at a time, you’re still moving.
    ALSO. I like the idea of reminding yourself that you don’t have to pick The Thing you will do FOREVER and EVER. It can just be the thing you’re doing right now. Work on it, enjoy it, perfect it. Once you’re an expert at it, use that to move on to whatever you want to do next. (or keep doing that, if it makes you happy and satisfies all those hopes you had for yourself.)


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