Twitter Updates for 2009-01-30

  • Looking for a really great Italian bread recipe. With semolina flour preferably. Anyone? #
  • it’s too warm to ice fish but too cold for anything else. Gonna spend the evening tying flies to get ready for warmer weather. #
  • love the new ars technica site #
  • Cool, rent a mobile device: #
  • Will the iPhone 2.2.1 update usher in the collapse of all nerd communication? Time will tell. #
  • My 10 year old and his buddy went around the block this morning shoveling snow. They each made $22 in 2-3 hours. Not to shabby. #
  • Savvy sake in case you want to be cool: #
  • Oh Man. There’s blimp in my milk. #
  • “Success is never found or earned from 9-5” – Earl Pertnoy #
  • Adding Offline to my gmail seems to have sped things up quite a bit. #
  • I’m in do it my way and ask forgiveness later mode on today’s projects #
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