I haven’t blogged in November, here’s an update barf

I’ll have to work on that. The economy seems to have everyone freaked out right now and sifting through the BS is difficult.  There are still a ton of opportunities out there, you just need to look for them.  More to follow on that thought, let’s digress…
Here’s the short version of what I’m thinking about/working on:

  • Bonfirejobs will be partnering with WTOP in Washington DC starting the first week in January. I’m rewriting it from the ground up.
  • Working several Rails projects at once for $$.  They are all interesting, different and challenging.
  • Thinking about resurrecting the Screencast training idea we put on hold over the summer (sorry about that Alan)
  • Diligently learning Japanese, one day at a time. (I apologize in advance for when I start posting in Japanese with poor grammar).
  • Working on a creative marketing/ad system.  It’s back of a napkin right now, but is looking cool.
  • Thinking a lot about Open Source ideas that have or are making certain businesses a commodity.  I think internet filtering may be next.

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