Everyone waits until November and it’s in the low 40s before they power wash the deck right?


Each spar has 101 holes to be drilled. Then again on the top. Then repeat for the other wing. Oh and since these are pilot holes that need to be expanded I’ll drill each of these holes 2 more times. 1212 holes drilled just for the wing spars. I fully understand the grin people have on their first flight. Gotta earn it. #soreshoulders #myzenith750


And flip. #myzenith750


Time for the first two burns of the fall.


Here we go again with riveting Friday nights…. #myzenith750


I’m thinking of becoming a weatherman. I called it almost exactly. The hurricane is passing over us right now. This far inland we have light rain one afternoon. Hardly even remarkable for a city that averages 40 inches of rainfall a year. I wonder what all the people in Asheville who hoarded bread, milk and gas are going to do with it all.


I’m on a “playing the long game with long game kinda people” kick lately. Putting my money where my mouth is. #myzenith750


It’s light enough that we just carried it on and off the trailer. #myzenith750


T-28 start up


Takes 2 hours to put up a free standing 3 hammock rig in a field but makes a pretty cool result. #airventure2018