Is your password “1”?

On a plane yesterday, I sat next to a nice woman with a Treo 700p. I had been talking to her on and off on the 5 hour flight.

When we landed, she fires up her VPN connection on her Treo, put in her username and a password of “1”.

We were comparing my aging Treo 650 to the 700p and she let me watch her do it.

“Uhh, your password isn’t really ‘1’ is it?”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s easy to type…”

There’s only one word for that : oi.

Naked in Heaven

My son and I were sitting waiting for our food this evening when he posed an excellent question:



“If we don’t get to take anything with us when we die, does that mean everyone in heaven is naked?”

Food for thought.

I’ve been hit by a deer

Last night, my wife calls on her way back from picking up our daughter. This is a the conversation as best I can remember:

Me: “Moshi Moshi”

Wife: “Uh, I’ve just been hit by a deer. What do I do?”

Me: “You hit a deer? Are you okay?”

Wife: “No, the deer hit me. It was in the median, and it ran right into the back part of the truck.”

Me: “What?”

Some more of this conversation followed along these same lines. Just when you thought it all, your wife doesn’t hit a deer, the deer hit her.

I think I need a nap now.

Linux still isn’t my primary desktop

From 1998 to 2005, various Linux and FreeBSD desktops including KDE, GNOME, Blackbox, etc were my primary desktop. Then in the spring of 2005, my wife bought a Mac. I used it for maybe an hour one night and bought one the next day.

I use Linux for servers exclusively (notice I don’t use OS X for servers), but my trusty Thinkpad which has been Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, and now Ubuntu still sits as second fiddle.

So why can’t a guy at Imapenguin, a longtime Linux user, move back to where he “should be”? It’s pretty simple really, the Mac I use gets out of my way. Never on my Mac do I get “Kernel 2.6.17-xxx update is ready to be installed”, which clobbers my VMWare drivers every time it upgrades.

Can you imagine my mother having to decide if she should update her kernel? Yea, me either. My mom is a smart lady, but she doesn’t know what a kernel is and shouldn’t have to. She uses her computer to do things. She doesn’t use it for the sake of operating a computer.

Come to think of it, I’m as geeky as people get, and I’m in the same boat. Sure I program on my computer, but I don’t actually want to maintain the one I’m developing on. I want it to just work so I can do things like program.

I’m still using a Mac because it always just works. It runs the software I want, (Open Source and otherwise) and generally stays out of my way.

I haven’t actually read the book

I ran across the funniest review(scroll to the bottom) for a book on Amazon today:

“I haven’t actually read the book, but the title says it all…the author doesn’t understand economics! “

Are you kidding me?

I haven’t read the book, but I’m giving it 1 star because I don’t agree with the title.

According to the Amazon stats, this book has 107,108 words and 5,136 sentences. It’s not really that long. Don’t you think if you are giving a review of a book, you should, I don’t know. Read it? Crap, even try the first chapter, then tell us:

“Well, the first chapter sucked.”

But 1 star on the title? Come on.

I can’t believe we have to share air with people like this.