Grr, ouch.

Just so you know, VPN Tracker will lock up your OS X Leopard machines.  Have to wait for 5.0 to come out before it’s compatable.

Fredericksburg Slashdot Anniversary Party

This month, Slashdot turns ten(like 10). I’m user number 12353 which is pretty early on the nerd-o-meter. I used to be an avid reader, but my readership has waned of late. “Back in the day” (think 1999) it was not uncommon for me to check Slashdot every 10 minutes to see what news had broken.
The slashdot format was one truly innovative when it was launched and it helped usher in the era of user interaction on the internet.

Anyway, some people (me included) are doing an anniversary party on Oct 23. Signup and details are here.