Thump it, thump it good

I’ve had a Cannon ZR200 digital camcorder for a couple of years now.  It’s worked great.A few weeks ago it started rejecting tapes with a loud beeping sound.  I tried a few things, nothing worked.  We went on vacation without it where I got oil inside my Cannon point and shoot and water in my son’s Nintendo DS (both ruined).

I just sat down to look at this ZR200 again and googled the problem.  More than 10 forums reported the same problem with this camera.  The solution:  >> Turn camera on side – thump on side opposite the screen. <<

So I sighed thinking “no way is this gonna work”, but “thumped it” anyway.
Sure enough, problem solved.

I wonder what would happen if I beat the crap out of it… maybe it’ll become a high definition camera.  Hmm.

If you’re stupid, watch this video

I just got the above message when signing up for a trial license for a software program.  I’m not going to buy this because they cut corners on the registration process and then were stupid about it.
Get a clue guys, make it easier for people to try and buy your stuff.