Orsen Scott Card Talks about Empire

I just finished Empire by Orsen Scott Card and thoroughly enjoyed it. Orsen is interviewed on it and the upcoming video game. He also talks about how this book is the first in a series. Wired did a good interview with him as well.

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Is your password “1”?

On a plane yesterday, I sat next to a nice woman with a Treo 700p. I had been talking to her on and off on the 5 hour flight.

When we landed, she fires up her VPN connection on her Treo, put in her username and a password of “1”.

We were comparing my aging Treo 650 to the 700p and she let me watch her do it.

“Uhh, your password isn’t really ‘1’ is it?”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s easy to type…”

There’s only one word for that : oi.