Make it easy for me to unsubscribe please

I’ve had the same email address for about 10 years now.  As a result, it’s on a ton of mailing lists, marketing databases, and spam lists.  Google Apps does a great job on the spam, but I just spent the last 30 minutes unsubscribing from about 30 email lists.
Some were easy to get off of.  Kudos to 37Signals and Facebook.  Others were almost impossible.  If you’re an email list admin, can you do the world a favor and make it as easy as a single click to unsubscribe?


Maybe “suck” doesn’t mean what you think it means

I stumbled on this in the Urban Dictionary today:

Not good. Bad.

The early Jazz musicians would say that a guy could really “Blow” if he had a good sound when playing the horn. If he couldn’t play very well then they would say that he was “Sucking” on that horn. That’s where the term “Suck” as being something bad came from.

He plays that horn so poorly that he must be sucking on it.

He doesn’t blow, he sucks.

Maybe “suck” doesn’t mean what you thought. Pretty cool.

Google Lunar X PRIZE Foundation

The Google Lunar X PRIZE  seeks to create a global private race to the Moon that excites and involves people around the world and, accelerates space exploration for the benefit of all humanity. The use of space has dramatically enhanced the quality of life and may ultimately lead to solutions to some of the most pressing environmental problems that we face on earth – energy independence and climate change.

Today is Safari Day

I’ve been really frustrated with Firefox on my Mac.It’s been slow and crashing. Just for fun, I’m going to forget Firefox for today and work all day in Safari. There’s one word for it right off the bat:  FAST. I didn’t realize how slow Firefox on the Mac really is until I fired up Safari.  Yikes!