Twitter Updates for 2009-01-16

  • This is just sweet: #
  • wow today is going by fast #
  • I have been shocked by my earbuds at least 5 times this morning. Curse you static electricity. #
  • This is easily my favorite iPhone app #
  • "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries is not ‘Eureka!,’ but ‘That’s funny..’ -Isaac Asimov #
  • Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence citing health reason. They froze the stock after hours. Time to short apple… #

What’s normal to you is probably not normal to me

I’ve been thinking about what constitutes normal to me lately.  Mostly because I don’t like normal, or more accurately, static.  Not static like in fuzzy sounding(although I’m not fond of that either), but static as in non moving.
I’m happiest when things in my life are moving in a direction.  The faster the better.  I don’t ever wait for the right moment, mostly because there never is one(much to the detriment of my chess game) and frankly I worry that I might wake up at 50 and say “Oh crap, I just spent 50 years waiting and in process didn’t do anything at all”.

My love of movement and change makes a number of my friends and family VERY uncomfortable.  I’ve even been accused of being addicted to change.  I’m almost a little smug about it sometimes.  I think to myself, “they’re so silly to be afraid of change”.

What got me thinking was a note I got from a friend in Israel last night.  I was inquiring about the safety of his family in light of what we’re seeing on the news in his neck of the woods and he commented that they were perfectly fine, the fighting is almost 20km away and they don’t think about it much, plus it’s in a different country anyway.

The fighting is 20km away!

This flies in the face of my level of comfort.  As an American in Virginia, I’m 500km or more from the nearest country.  Couple that with the fact that the threat from Canada is pretty minimal and you can conclude that I can in no way relate to the life my friend lives a mere 20km from real attacks. This may have been somewhat okay in my 6 years in the Navy (I was single through most of that time), but as a father and husband, I’m not too keen on live fire 20km away.

Might be good to think about this the next time I turn my nose up at those silly people who are afraid of change.

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-09

  • The logmein app on my iPod touch seriously kicks butt. #
  • Finally wrapping my mind around objective-c. #
  • Looking for a decent local flight school #
  • Brainstorming for 2009, WOW, WOW, WOW. I’m telling you, put your seat belts on. #
  • This saturday is no pants subway day. #
  • iphone sketches #
  • Anyone know how to use textmate like colors in xcode? The default is hard on the eyes. #
  • Finally, the first intersting thing to come out of palm since the Treo 600: #
  • Amazon management console for AWS: #

I’d like to do something like Omni Magazine

I was looking through some old stuff I’ve collected over the years and found some old copies of Omni Magazine.
If you don’t remember or have never seen it, it was a blend of science and science fiction in one magazine.  A place to explore ideas.  I loved it.

Publications like this just don’t seem to exist these days.  Flipping through these old issues I’m struck by how optimistic it is.  There are articles like “Immortality: Live forver in a machine”. When I go to a newsstand today everything is so cautious.

I’m tired of cautious.

I’d like to collaborate on something like this.  Obviously it would be done online ..  not in print and could include things like video, blogs, user feedback/forums, etc.

Anyone interested in brainstorming on this idea?

I haven’t blogged in November, here’s an update barf

I’ll have to work on that. The economy seems to have everyone freaked out right now and sifting through the BS is difficult.  There are still a ton of opportunities out there, you just need to look for them.  More to follow on that thought, let’s digress…
Here’s the short version of what I’m thinking about/working on:

  • Bonfirejobs will be partnering with WTOP in Washington DC starting the first week in January. I’m rewriting it from the ground up.
  • Working several Rails projects at once for $$.  They are all interesting, different and challenging.
  • Thinking about resurrecting the Screencast training idea we put on hold over the summer (sorry about that Alan)
  • Diligently learning Japanese, one day at a time. (I apologize in advance for when I start posting in Japanese with poor grammar).
  • Working on a creative marketing/ad system.  It’s back of a napkin right now, but is looking cool.
  • Thinking a lot about Open Source ideas that have or are making certain businesses a commodity.  I think internet filtering may be next.

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