And flip. #myzenith750

Time for the first two burns of the fall.

Here we go again with riveting Friday nights…. #myzenith750

I’m thinking of becoming a weatherman. I called it almost exactly. The hurricane is passing over us right now. This far inland we have light rain one afternoon. Hardly even remarkable for a city that averages 40 inches of rainfall a year. I wonder what all the people in Asheville who hoarded bread, milk and gas are going to do with it all.

I’m on a “playing the long game with long game kinda people” kick lately. Putting my money where my mouth is. #myzenith750

It’s light enough that we just carried it on and off the trailer. #myzenith750

T-28 start up

Takes 2 hours to put up a free standing 3 hammock rig in a field but makes a pretty cool result. #airventure2018

Caleb’s always been a metalworking kinda guy. Since I’m making an all metal plane he doesn’t need much arm twisting. Now if the camera man would put down the camera to hold the piece..:. #myzenith750

Hey, I know that guy on page 24 of Sport Aviation magazine.