It’s light enough that we just carried it on and off the trailer. #myzenith750

T-28 start up

Takes 2 hours to put up a free standing 3 hammock rig in a field but makes a pretty cool result. #airventure2018

Caleb’s always been a metalworking kinda guy. Since I’m making an all metal plane he doesn’t need much arm twisting. Now if the camera man would put down the camera to hold the piece..:. #myzenith750

Hey, I know that guy on page 24 of Sport Aviation magazine.

Ingredients to build an airplane include… baby powder??? #myzenith750

My riveter is prettier than yours. #myzenith750

Monday evening blues. Doing it anyway. No build no fly. #myzenith750

Flew through the mountain pass where Chimney Rock is. You can see where the parking lot slid down the hill during the flooding last week.

Still unsure about these seats :)