Surprising amount of activity at this pretty remote airport.

We were “followed” by a phenom jet into Macon County airport. We were out of the plane and almost done refueling before he was on the ground.

Caleb and I Spent the day helping Jerry with the annual inspection on his Quickie. Not only did the engine not have any parts left over when we put it back together, it even started… #pilotthuglife

I do love how easy the wings fold on this plane.

Happened to catch a Zenith 750 on the field today. @zenithaircraft

Just want to shout out to @zenithaircraft for making the solidworks model available. Taking measurements for creating an @xplaneofficial model of a Cruzer is about 100 times easier now

Great thing about doing the plane build in the garage is that any free 30 minutes means progress. Will be much harder when it’s too big to fit in here and I need to finish it at the airport #myzenith750

At the end of the @zenithaircraft banquet last night the guys from Avolution did a little flyby on their way home. Now I want an Eclipse 500…

Roger showing off the short takeoff of the 750 SD @zenithaircraft

This unpainted cruiser has the Viking engine that I’m buying. I can’t believe how quiet it is. Standing just 10 feet from it