Netflix To Offer ‘Streaming Only” Plans

Netflix Inc Chief Financial Officer Barry McCarthy said on Wednesday it plans to offer its online streaming service on a stand-alone basis. “We’re likely to do that in the foreseeable future,” McCarthy said at the Jefferies 5th annual Internet and Media conference in New York. via Netflix To Offer ‘Streaming Only” Plans .

American Knowledge Workers are in Trouble

I need some research done for a project at We’re developing a database of popular Open Source software and instead of starting with a blank database, I wanted to research the top 150 or so projects to kick the database off. This requires at least a working knowledge of the technology space and goodContinue reading “American Knowledge Workers are in Trouble”

What’s normal to you is probably not normal to me

I’ve been thinking about what constitutes normal to me lately.  Mostly because I don’t like normal, or more accurately, static.  Not static like in fuzzy sounding(although I’m not fond of that either), but static as in non moving. I’m happiest when things in my life are moving in a direction.  The faster the better.  IContinue reading “What’s normal to you is probably not normal to me”

So you think we should tax the rich to pay for all of this huh?

Your thinking is strange to me. Let’s explore this from another angle: So you’re a straight A student in High School.  You’ve worked hard to get these grades.  You didn’t cheat, and although some do, most good students don’t.  Maybe you’re smarter than the other students not getting good grades. Maybe you work harder.  MaybeContinue reading “So you think we should tax the rich to pay for all of this huh?”