Coughlin’s Law

Julie and I have a funny connection to the movie Cocktail. In it, one of the main characters always has what he calls “Coughlin’s Law”.

Things like “anything else is always something better” and “never show surprise, never lose your cool.”

If I had to come up with one for myself I’d go with “Many things can be accomplished with duct tape, WD-40, and a sledge hammer”.

My grandfather would have added “and a couple of half hitches.”


Your back isn’t supposed to look like this….

In case you were wondering what a posterior spinal fusion looks like 18 years later I had some xrays today….

See that mess at the top there? Yeah your back xray doesn’t look anything like that mess of bone growth. That all came from my pelvic bone.

My Desk Today

High Altitude Skydive and legos. Sweet

I haven’t blogged in November, here’s an update barf

I’ll have to work on that. The economy seems to have everyone freaked out right now and sifting through the BS is difficult.  There are still a ton of opportunities out there, you just need to look for them.  More to follow on that thought, let’s digress…
Here’s the short version of what I’m thinking about/working on:

  • Bonfirejobs will be partnering with WTOP in Washington DC starting the first week in January. I’m rewriting it from the ground up.
  • Working several Rails projects at once for $$.  They are all interesting, different and challenging.
  • Thinking about resurrecting the Screencast training idea we put on hold over the summer (sorry about that Alan)
  • Diligently learning Japanese, one day at a time. (I apologize in advance for when I start posting in Japanese with poor grammar).
  • Working on a creative marketing/ad system.  It’s back of a napkin right now, but is looking cool.
  • Thinking a lot about Open Source ideas that have or are making certain businesses a commodity.  I think internet filtering may be next.

I’m currently reading:

And listening to:

The internet is like a vagina, or maybe Joey Bishop

Apparently, it’s like a vagina, or alcohol, or a Chinese road. Yep one of those.
Doc Searls has the skinny.

I think the internet doesn’t really exist, but what do I know.

People are wierd.

So you think we should tax the rich to pay for all of this huh?

Your thinking is strange to me.
Let’s explore this from another angle:

So you’re a straight A student in High School.  You’ve worked hard to get these grades.  You didn’t cheat, and although some do, most good students don’t.  Maybe you’re smarter than the other students not getting good grades. Maybe you work harder.  Maybe it’s a little of both.

Your friend Terry is a good person, but doesn’t do her homework.

Your friend John is a good person and although he isn’t terribly bright, he works hard.

Your friend Linda is a cheater.  She breaks into the school’s computer system and changes her grades.  She gets caught often.

One day, your principal calls all of the 4.0 GPA students into his office.  Out of the 1000 students in your school, there are only 35 of you in this category.  She explains that the other 965 students in the school are in need of some assistance, so the school is going to start skimming .5 of your GPA and giving it to the other students.

After all, the other students really need it, and you have GPA to spare, so it doesn’t really hurt you much.

Terry, John and Linda need your help right?  You’re the smart one, why don’t you pitch in?

It doesn’t seem very fair in this case does it?

And no, it’s not different with money, so come up with a different argument there. This is a point about fairness, not survival.  Very few Americans are fighting to SURVIVE anyway.  Let’s be honest, most who are “struggling” are trying to keep the 200 channel cable instead of the 30 channel cable and to pay off those credit cards they ran up to buy all of that crap they didn’t really need.

If you’re fighting to SURVIVE, I’m happy to help (I don’t happen to be rich at the present time, but I’m SURVIVING just fine).  If you’re fighting to keep AT+T from turning off your cell phone, well, sorry.  It’s just a damn cell phone.  I love my cell phone, but I don’t NEED it, and neither do you.

The LHC is supa dupa fly

I’m about to drop some particle physics in the club…

Thump it, thump it good

I’ve had a Cannon ZR200 digital camcorder for a couple of years now.  It’s worked great.A few weeks ago it started rejecting tapes with a loud beeping sound.  I tried a few things, nothing worked.  We went on vacation without it where I got oil inside my Cannon point and shoot and water in my son’s Nintendo DS (both ruined).

I just sat down to look at this ZR200 again and googled the problem.  More than 10 forums reported the same problem with this camera.  The solution:  >> Turn camera on side – thump on side opposite the screen. <<

So I sighed thinking “no way is this gonna work”, but “thumped it” anyway.
Sure enough, problem solved.

I wonder what would happen if I beat the crap out of it… maybe it’ll become a high definition camera.  Hmm.

Are you a fisherman or not?

  • Do you fish or do you go to the store and buy fishing stuff?
  • Are you doing something to help the needy or are you watching Extreme Makeover Home edition?
  • Are you sharing your life and dreams with good friends or are you watching a TV show about some people who do?
  • Are you writing that novel or are you reading books about writing novels?
  • Are you a political activist or are you just watching the news?
  • Are you devoted to your family or are you commuting 20 hours a week?

Your dreams are out there, what are you reading this for?  You have work to do. Go on, shoo.

Not sure if you can do it?  Roz is sure.

A work from home challange for me

I have the luxury of working from home 3 or 4 days a week.  I have several clients who are very accomodating of this.
I’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve noticed a trend about my productivity.  It’s directly tied to the amount of actual user interaction I recieve on a personal basis.

For example, an 8:30am phone call from someone who has a new idea, is excited about something, or even has a problem can set my entire day moving.  I’m productive, creative and engaged.

In contrast, if I don’t recieve personal touches by lunchtime, in the afternoon I find myself letting calls go to voicemail because “I just don’t feel like it”.

So here’s your chance, contact me early in the morning.  You could just change my entire day.