Squeezing @BrunoLevy01’s RISC-V core onto an Icestick #FPGA is a lesson in “you really can do a lot with just a little”. So many lessons to be learned. At 50Mhz Pi and Mandelbrot work really well. I’ll leave the Icestick permanently hung off of this Raspberry Pi from now on.

and the obligatory LED Matrix

There’s an add on to the romulator that uses an ESP32 to get rid of the need for a Raspberry Pi to flash it. But it does result in a strange tower of instability. I think I’m gonna just add a JTAG cable between them and lay it in the case out of the way. #commodore

Getting back to the 6560/1 drop in replacement project. Ended up just using a foam board to lightly double side tape everything on. This allows me to move the whole thing when I need the desk space for something else. Need to connect all the wires now #vicsrevenge #commodore