As some have pointed out, the print routines are probably VERY slow on the calculator. I took them out and made the VIC code the same as what’s on the calculator as close as I could. VIC-20 is still faster. Pretty fun. Next up, head to head with TI-81

What do you do when you have a bunch of 25-35 year old calculators than can run BASIC? I know what I’d do, I’d race them with a 40 year old computer. They have pretty similar RAM, but the VIC-20 beats a Sharp 9300c from 1991 easily #commodore

My morning routine is to work out and then spend 15 minutes learning something new. This morning it’s @TechTinkering ‘s tutorial on using screen memory as extra storage to do the 100 door problem on unexpanded VIC-20s. Good stuff.

When you put VIC-20 CR machines back together, you have to keep the bottom RF shield because it helps with mounting. They are always terribly rusty so I paint them. Apparently my paint supplies are low and I have… white. No one is gonna see it anyway so white it is.

Well I have one of these mystery VIC-42 chips and it doesn’t test “good” as a VIC or VICII on the backbit. I think this might be something we just have to make up a story about. “There I was, wire tying a Commodore 264, when I was attacked by a Spectrum…”