Another 128 today. I’m not sure I understand this yet, but a wonky 8563 (80 column chip) was causing an issue on the CIA at U1. Took a while to figure this one out for a friend. When did I become my local 128 repair shop? I barely know what I’m doing #commodore

10 min lunchtime progress: Running all rotors with 26 possible starting positions on a 3 Rotor Enigma with 5 rotors to choose from (I want this to finish in my lifetime). So 1,054,560 combinations in 71 seconds(BASIC takes 2+ hours). Not bad. #commodore #c64 #crypto #enigma

On the couch so no screen capture. I’m sure there are efficiencies to do but it works. Moving to the next step: 3 rotor Enigma, 5 rotors to choose from First need all possible combinations. Tomorrow we’ll add 26 starting points to each and crunch numbers #enigma #commodore #c64