My favorite album this year is by@lukhash. Bought the CD last December, but the vinyl was sold out. New pressing was announced and ordered on Jan 28. Supplier screwed up many times. Those with patience finally received this gorgeous record this week #Commodore game is on side 2

Did @somacdivad’s weekly code challenge in BASIC this week. Because, uh, science or something. It’s a “peculiar English dialect in which the numbers of letters in successive words follow the digits of the number π.” Pretty fun. #commodore

Working on a code challenge from @shieladixon. Part 1 is total permutations 1 to 9 as fast as I can manage on a #Commodore. Here’s an NTSC C64 doing it without printing in 48 seconds. Part 2 is a little harder, have to give it a think.

I get asked a lot about how to do the “off screen” images on the SwissMicros calculators. The short short version is crop your photo to 400×240 and run this little Python. Then just copy it over usb to the offimg folder.