Installing Google Go on Ubuntu 9.10 x86

This is for x86 processors.  You need to change the 386 to amd64 if that’s your chip architecture. First create a bin directory in your home directory if you don’t have one already: mkdir $HOME/bin Then edit your .bashrc file and add: export GOROOT=$HOME/go export GOOS=linux export GOARCH=386 export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin Then reread your bashrc file:Continue reading “Installing Google Go on Ubuntu 9.10 x86”

Upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04

One of my laptops that gets heavy use is a very old IMB T41.  It’s currently getting upgraded to the first BETA release of Ubuntu 8.04. I’ll follow up with some thoughts on how it works after it’s finished.

Joining the Wamily team

A few weeks ago I joined Wamily as Rails Developer, Linux/scaling expert and apparently the oldest member of the team. Sheesh, the oldest at 31. Anyway, we’re working making Wamily THE place your groups meetup to discuss, share and keep track of what’s going on. Stay tuned…