Quiet afternoon with the best beer in America, a book and a pretty artist. Not too shabby. #makecheatdaycount

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Light morning. Only 420 holes before the sun came up. #myzenith750

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Flying a lighter plane today. Although most small planes are lighter than a P Baron.

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Cool airplane spotting for today: Piaggio 180

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Starting on the dreaded wing root skins. Trying to make aluminum go into shapes it really doesn’t want to go… #myzenith750

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It’s a hard-knock life…

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It’s time to make the airplane. #myzenith750

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In the early morning I put one of these in my coffee. I’m currently questioning why we have them next to each other in the pantry. For… reasons.

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Made it to Airventure with my favorite person. Only had to warm water in a coffee pot to bathe one time to get here. #campscholler

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I was never good at offices anyway.

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