Time to take the tiger for its annual inspection. Will be down for about two weeks. I’ll have to get single engine current :)

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Airport is a dead zone today.

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My daily walk route could be worse.

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Does this count as social distancing? I believe it does. #tigerbaron

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My version of making lemonade. Electric and pitot lines being run. #myzenith750

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Test fitting the seats and baggage floor. Daylight savings only got me so far. #myzenith750

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Finally warm enough to get back to work on this thing. #myzenith750

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Sporting clays in the snowstorm

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Sunrise to sunset. Logged 9.7 hours Monday.

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Time to apologize to my kindergarten teacher for that time I implied that popsicle stick skills would not be needed in my life. #myzenith750

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