Time to start making a cockpit. #myzenith750

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Slipping in some weekday morning work. Vertical stabilizer almost done. #myzenith750

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Oh keto, how I love thee. Monday night homemade prime rib for what it costs to go to Chipotle. Yes please.

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Flying airplanes again. #tigerbaron

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I’ve made the mistake of falling in love with espresso which means my morning cup of coffee is now a multi step ordeal. Totally worth it.

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Ran out of bottles when bottling this batch of mead. Then in remembered we are the south. One thing we definitely have here is mason jars!

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You’d think after all these years of hanging around airports it would get old. Nope.

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Morning tool warm up. #myzenith750

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Been a pair of minutes since I’ve screwed something up on my airplane build. Making 8 of these. They should be cut like the one on the right. The one on the left is an epic fail on my part. #myzenith750

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Fun evening at a Christmas party with some new friends and some old ones.

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