While I am in Missouri at Zenith, my good friends Jerry and Nancy went to a Quickie fly in in Iowa. That’s a lot of Q’s

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I don’t have the patience to do a polish finish on my airplane. But it’s pretty gorgeous.

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Roger’s 701. Sweet.

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More airplanes today. It’s a tough life

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This is the second time I’ve met Jack Pelton and heard him speak in two months. @eaa @eaachapter1016

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Ever been in an Elk lodge? Yeah me either.

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I’m at Zenith Aircraft for the next two days to network, be inspired, and make airplane noises. #manitshothere

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We are hosting one of the first real commercial airliners in Asheville in a few weeks. Come on down to see it and take a ride.

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My head is always in the clouds these days.

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