Philip Zimmerman on why he wrote PGP

This is actually from 1999 (updated from 1991), but I love this part: The right to privacy is spread implicitly throughout the Bill of Rights. But when the United States Constitution was framed, the Founding Fathers saw no need to explicitly spell out the right to a private conversation. That would have been silly. TwoContinue reading “Philip Zimmerman on why he wrote PGP”

Jumping in with both feet: An Open Source NASA Android app

I’ve long been a lover of Open Source.  Both from a philosophical point of view, and a quality of software point of view.  When I got serious about Linux in the 1990’s, I spent a lot of time contributing back to the community.  As time has gone by, I’ve been giving back less and less. In 2010,Continue reading “Jumping in with both feet: An Open Source NASA Android app”