It’s B-17 Time

Tomorrow the flying museum B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” flies into AVL. A couple of us will greet it and then start preparations to open it up for the community to enjoy it.

The weather is predicted to be fantastic. Really looking forward to this adventure!

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Detecting and predicting loss of control in flight

I’m currently working on detecting loss of control (LOC) on an overshoot of base to final. Using data models in X-Plane which depending on the aircraft model is known to be pretty accurate (there’s a certified commercial version suitable for flight training). Not practical to do this in an actual airplane for obvious reasons like crashing and fireballs.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of data gathering. I’m collecting about 50 data points 10 times per second. I’m feeding this into a learning algorithm to teach it to predict the actions which may lead to an accelerated stall and/or spin. 


Next step is to move the pitot/AOA probe to the other wing and see what difference this makes.