Detecting and predicting loss of control in flight

I’m currently working on detecting loss of control (LOC) on an overshoot of base to final. Using data models in X-Plane which depending on the aircraft model is known to be pretty accurate (there’s a certified commercial version suitable for flight training). Not practical to do this in an actual airplane for obvious reasons like crashingContinue reading “Detecting and predicting loss of control in flight”

Retirement for an EA-6B

Attended a retirement for a Marine Prowler today. She’ll be permanently on display at Hickory Airport. Was great to share some memories with friends and family and hear the roar of a pair of J-52s one last time. Love love love this airplane.

A comment on Sprint Customer Service

I hear nightmare stories from people all the time on AT+T’s customer service… Yesterday afternoon Julie and I noticed a sudden loss of cell service at home.  We have identical phones (other than color) and we’re both on Sprint.   We’ve been happy Sprint customers for about 6 years now, and issues are rare. I’ve workedContinue reading “A comment on Sprint Customer Service”