Seriously CNN?

The CNN Breaking news email just now starts with: “Wow! The U.S. economy suddenly looks a lot perkier in the third quarter”. Seriously CNN? Breaking news should not contain the following words or phrases: WOW, Awesome, Super Rad, party on, hipster, selfie, twerking, bofu, wicked, bust a moby, deck, life is like a box ofContinue reading “Seriously CNN?”

The problem with Netflix streaming

I’ve been a Netflix customer for 12 years, and I STILL have the DVD service in addition to the streaming.  Streaming is a great idea, but the movies people want to watch still aren’t available. Netflix runs a top 100 list of their most popular titles.  On that list today, 5 of the movies areContinue reading “The problem with Netflix streaming”

Why is Evernote asking to be paid bad?

One of my most used programs is Evernote.  I use it all day, every day.  From my Mac, my Ubuntu boxes, my Blackberry and my iPod touch.  I’m a premium user which costs me $45/year.  A reasonable price to me. Last night, they updated the Mac client to include a small ad box in theContinue reading “Why is Evernote asking to be paid bad?”