This is a REALLY excellent book. I’ve been going through this a chapter at a time. Very little changes to get the code to work on Commodore machines too although I’ve mostly been using the Apple IIe. Great primer to modern AI techniques if you can believe that. I give it an 11/10

A week diving deeper with the VIC-20: Starting the week finishing up the VIC Cipher on an unexpanded VIC. It’s not fast, but it’s fast enough to be useful. One of the few of these I’ve done that’s 100% in BASIC #commodore

Working on an old boat today. Just pulled these off of the deep cycle battery. Both red. One was on the positive and one was on the negative. They run under the floor… and the wire chasing begins because the colors sure aren’t right and they aren’t labeled.

A week diving deeper – PET: Cramming code into single lines isn’t just for Perl programmers. Here are two one-line subroutines to convert hex to decimal and back. Hint: you have to use the shortened keywords to get them to fit in 80 columns #PETober #commodore

A week diving deeper with the PET: Since I have a fair amount of Commodore experience, seemed prudent to think about and work on text screen program UI concepts. A loan calculator is even a useful one to have on disk in 2021. #PETober #commodore