I was never good at offices anyway.

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One last engine out practice. Hope to never see this unexpectedly.

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My view of Lake Lure is better than yours. #nobodyputsbaroninthecorner

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Time to stretch the tiger’s legs. #tigerbaron

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Doing something. Important?? #myzenith750

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Brake cylinders on the rudder pedals. Check. #myzenith750

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Brake cylinders on the rudder pedals. Check. #myzenith750

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The same thing we do at 6am every day Pinky. #myzenith750

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Flying planes. Again.

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Today’s cool airplane spotting of the day: A Rutan Long EZ. This is an airplane I’ve wanted since I was a kid. Unfortunately my Dutch/Norwegian shoulders are too broad to fit comfortably. And no there is nothing wrong with it. The engine is in the tail so when you park it and get out you retract the nose gear and sit it on the nose so it doesn’t tip backwards.

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I hear “I could never build an airplane” a lot. Yes you can. You just have to be willing to spend a couple thousand hours over a couple years paying very careful attention to endless details. This is the only place this jam nut on the linear actuator is mentioned. Check. #myzenith750

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