When picking up a new language (Julia this time), I like to solve new problems to get used to it or solve a problem I’ve solved in another language. Monty Hall will do nicely . Since Julia on an i7 is slightly faster than a 6502, I let the 64 do 1000 and Julia did 2^29 #commodore

This 1977 game on the KIM-1 is surprisingly playable and really fun. A whopping 196 bytes. The number of things I’ve learned from Jim Butterfield is staggering. Something to think about as I write and try to contribute even a small thing here and there. #commodore

I’ve collected something like 30 calculators over the years. Most at least 30 years old. In the “modern” category I have 4 graphing calculators. In theory I should like the HP the most, but in practice the order of most to least used left to right is this. Even I’m surprised.