This is a common practice for @FedEx around here. I’ve been on my driveway for the last 90 minutes so this reason is completely made up. You know hat would be better (besides actually delivering)? The truth. Poor form FedEx.

On today’s episode of “learn something every day,” I did an LFSR on an IceStick FPGA. Pretty straightforward. Tomorrow I’ll do an LCG and put them together to get a terrible Pseudo Random Number Generator. You know, for science.

Young person I’m mentoring in math and computers wants to learn how mazes work. Printing values on a simple program on a slow computer is by far the best way to explain this. He got it immediately, plus it’s a cool visual. Happy Monday! #commodore

It’s difficult to understate how much better the left one is over the right one. The VIC-20 guide launched me on a career path and a lifelong love of learning. Crazy how the right book at the right time can steer someone. I was 6 in 1981. #commodore